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The houses and beach west of the harbor
The houses and beach west of the harbor
Zablaće is a settlement south of Šibenik in quite a distance from the Adriatic main road, next to Solaris Resort, facing Island Zlarin on the seaside. Zablaće, with its name referring to a place over the swamp, has been an inhabited place for a long time. One of the five medieval salt works on the Croatian Adriatic worked right here. The salt works is mentioned in written sources in 1432 for the first time, salt production ended on this location in the mid-18th century. In 2010, building on the swampy makings of Zablaće, French entrepreneur Bernard Lamy announced his plans to revitalize the place by opening channels between the lakes - this way the area between Saint Nicholas Fortress and Solaris Resort would be turned into a "small Venice".

What pertains to local beaches, Zablaće has both gravel ones (west of the harbor) and concrete terraces with concrete step entrances to water (east of the harbor, at the camp). Various are the beaches of the neighboring Solaris Resort - its Bijela plaža (beach) is a blue flag beach.

Harbor with riva
Harbor with riva
Zablaće's offer of accommodation contains the usual private apartment buildings and villas of the Dalmatia, the campsite maintained by Solaris and, of course, Solaris Resort, which is situated a couple of meters east of Zablaće. Hungry and thirsty guests are welcome in three restaurants (Kod Pipe, Zora, Dva Mornara). Grocery store, bakery, newsstand are available locally.

Out of the activities offered in Zablaće notable are the boat trips on Wednesdays - these usually target the islands like Zlarin, Krapanj, Saint Nicholas and occasionally Skradin and the National Park Krka. Those who need more challenges can join the club Deep Sea with their diving base located in Zablaće.

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Username or just about any name
2012/09/10 18:34

Username or just about any name
2012/09/10 18:34
Ivic a and Vinca
We made it home fine. Thank you again for your hospitality. Your have a wonderful place .
We enjoyed Our stay with you.

David and Carolyn Hughes

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